Captive Management

Many captive management companies focus solely on the tax benefits associated with a captive program. Instead, we maximize the overall financial benefits of a comprehensive risk management program which includes as one of its key elements a captive insurance program.

The first step is determining if your business operations and financial performance make it suitable for a captive program. If the result of the feasibility study is positive, we then provide turnkey services all the way through design, licensing and formation of your captive.

Since we take a conservative risk-based approach to captive solutions, we think it is vitally important to have checks and balances for your captive. We do not attempt to offer CPA, legal or actuarial services. Instead, we have strategic relationships with leading providers in these areas, and also willingly work with your trusted advisors to ensure complete transparency and security around any captive solution.


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  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Licensing and Regulatory Compliance
  • Preparation of Reports for your Accountant and Tax Preparer
  • Underwriting and Policy Issuance
  • Claims Management
  • Corporate Governance
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